Leveraging community cocoa farm revenue to improve education and health care.

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Nearly 1.6 million farmers and their families drive Ghana’s $2 billion cocoa industry.

Yet, they lack access to quality health care and education.

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At Cocoa360, we believe in the powerful potential of utilizing community resources to address community needs.

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Our “Farm-for-Impact” model puts Ghana’s cocoa farmers in the driver’s seat of development, without long-term reliance on foreign aid.


Our model is simple, yet impactful: partner with rural communities to invest community-generated revenue into key educational and health care improvements.


Today’s Students Tomorrow’s Leaders

At Cocoa360, we understand the positive impact that education can have on a child’s long-term health. But, we recognize that cost barriers limit access for many cocoa farmers and their families. Join our Sponsorship Program today to support our efforts to overcome these barriers and provide education for students at TBGS.


The Tarkwa Breman Center of Excellence

Cocoa360 started in 2016 with the creation of our agro-campus, called the Tarkwa Breman Center of Excellence (TBCE), in the Western Region of Ghana. The TBCE includes a girls’ school, community health clinic, and cocoa farm. At the TBCE, our team designs, implements, and evaluates interventions to improve education and health outcomes.

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Our School

The Tarkwa Breman Girls’ School (TBGS) is a tuition-free primary school. Parents volunteer their labor on our TBCE cocoa farm in exchange for access to tuition-free education for their daughters. TBGS has 126 students enrolled in four grade levels, with a new class of 30 girls enrolled each September.


Our Farm

The TBCE’s 10-acre cocoa farm provides a dual purpose: parents volunteer to work on the community farm to provide tuition-free education for their daughters at the girls’ school, and our team is able to test Good Agricultural Practices (GAP) for cocoa farming to improve crop yields.


Our Clinic

Our community health clinic was established to address the need for access to affordable, quality healthcare. Today, our clinic provides subsidized care for the community of Tarkwa Breman and 7 nearby villages.

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Our Community

Cocoa360 is a community-based and community-driven initiative. We work with the Village Committee, who serves as the link between the organization and the community, to ensure that our programs are continually in line with the needs of the community.


Together, we can improve education and health care access for farmers and their families in cocoa farming communities.

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