Maxwell Sencherey-Taylor

William Mould

Mrs. Maryann O’Leary-Salas

Mr. Professor Peter Frumkin

Mathew Sware

Matthew Sware

Matthew Sware is the Assistant Vice President of Development at the Institute for New Economic Thinking, a nonprofit based in New York City, dedicated to the rigorous pursuit of innovative economic theories and methods that address society’s most pressing concerns.
Elizabeth Lowenthal

Dr. Elizabeth Lowenthal

Mr. Patrick Hackett

Mr. Patrick Hackett

Scott Aker

Scott Aker

Israel Titi Ofei

Mr. Israel Titi Ofei

Mark Arnoldy

Mr. Mark Arnoldy

Mark Arnoldy is CEO of Possible, a nonprofit healthcare company that delivers high-quality, low-cost healthcare for the world’s poor.

Julian Addo

Isaac Opoku