Tarkwa Breman has loads to offer that will simply leave you breathless. I would probably fail if I tried to tell you about every single one of these awesome things. Honestly, I would.

I thought it would be better to simply  highlight a couple of the things which initially stood out to me when I first visited this amazing place I can now call my second home.

Here goes:

1. The People

Tarkwa Breman is filled with diverse characters and personalities that come together to create a welcoming and vibrant community. The people of Tarkwa Breman are warm, expressive, hard working and are looking forward to what TBCA could potentially achieve.

The community is closely knit and feels like one big family. We will encourage everyone to visit our new home and interact with its amazing inhabitants. The people of Breman always try to wear a broad smile regardless of the situation and that adds to the within the community. Despite a clear existence of respect for the elderly, there is an undeniable unity, understanding and equity amongst all locals and its absolutely fantastic.

Regardless of your race, ethnicity and background, the people of welcome will receive you with open arms.

2. The Cocoa
Agriculture composes around 20% of Ghana’s Gross Domestic Product (GDP) annually. Being the single largest crop, cocoa accounts for 10% of the sector. Cocoa plays an integral role in Ghanaian society. Cocoa has enormous importance to the culture and economy of Ghana. Majority of the people in Tarkwa Breman are cocoa farmers and they work assiduously to make a living from farming. TBCA is trying to concentrate on what we believe the community is already good at (cocoa farming), to generate enough income and improve the general standard of living, create new opportunities and sustain the school and hospital.

It amazing to think that chocolate is made from cocoa because in its ripe harvested state, the cocoa beans are sweet, and have a tingly sensation. However, once the beans are dried they are then sent to manufacturing processing plants to produce what we call chocolate.

3. The Food
It’s difficult to fathom how we would survive without any form of nutrition. However we are certain that the food in Tarkwa Breman is arguably one of the best. Being a predominantly agricultural community, most of the food is freshly collected from the farm and consumed in an almost seamless manner. With stews, sauces and soups are freshly made and rich in taste, creating a satisfying feeling. We have a plethora of meals that we can enjoy while in the village, be it freshly made fufu and soup, banku and okro, rice and stew, ampesi (boiled yam and plantain and spinach/kontomere) accompanied with loads of protein, most meals are sure to blow your mind away. Not forgetting the sweetness and richness of the coconuts too : ]

4. The Simplicity 

In all the warmth and activity that goes on within TB, there is a subtle tranquility that transcends within the community at any given time. People live regular lives trying to make the best out of what they believe they have. The scope of daily activates carried out in the village- farming, walking daily, interaction and greeting each other- builds up the personal bonds within the community. The simple nature of life within the village, which embraces the concept of family and community, will allow almost anyone to easily adapt to life in it.