Cocoa Farm


With a model that incorporates revenue generation, we have acquired a 7-acre cocoa farm in Tarkwa Breman. This is being used to fine-tune best practices for our cocoa campus while serving as an income stream. Thanks to the hard work of two local farm managers, the parents of our scholars and the youth of Tarkwa Breman, we are able to maintain a thriving and beautiful farm.


Plans are underway to set up a 40-acre cocoa plantation over the course of 3 years to self-sustain the operations of the School and Hospital. This will be interspersed with various structures, turning our grounds into the first cocoa campus in the world. Intercropping with other crops will be carried out to increase overall farm production and revenue.

Expert and experienced cocoa farmers will facilitate training of farmers on our demonstration farm. This is to ensure maximum year on year yield of crops. The training will also be available to the community farmers at large who will benefit by way of increased disposable incomes. These incomes will then translate into greater healthcare and education opportunities for their children.

Girls School

Tarkwa Breman Girls’ School (TBGS) was established in 2016 and provides tuition-free education to girls from crèche to high school. 

Community Hospital

In Prestea-Huni Valley District, where Tarkwa-Breman is situated, HIV prevalence rates are 10-18%, almost three times that of the national average. An issue of transportation to the nearest hospital, which is 2.5 hours away from Tarkwa Breman, further, exacerbates the health plight of the people.

This is why health equity defines all our programs at Tarkwa Breman Community Alliance. In partnership with Ghana’s Ministry of Health our fully-staffed hospital houses a consultation room, an examination room, a treatment ward, a pharmacy, a laboratory to carry out basic tests, a maternity room and male and female ward. Our partnership with local pharmaceutical companies enables us to provide subsidized medicines to our clients.

community hospital