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Your donation is transforming cocoa from an engine of wealth for the elite to a resource that builds futures for farmers and their families and breaks cycles of generational poverty.


Please join us as we put Ghana’s cocoa farmers in the driver’s seat of development.

We accept donations in the form of PayPal, credit, and mailed check.

Give $25 to become a SEEDLING

Seedlings help plant innovative ideas within our community cocoa farm’s practices. 

Give $100 to become a BUD

With your donation, you will help our budding students grow into the next leaders and change makers of Ghana.

Give $500 to become a POD

Just as pods protect the cocoa beans inside them, your donation will help our clinic care for our community. 

Give $1,000 to become a TREE

Trees give our Center of Excellence the roots it needs to serve our community well each and every day.   

Give $5,000 to become a HARVEST

Harvests provide us with the resources necessary to share our model with other cocoa communities throughout Ghana.