Our Guiding Principle:

Education is a key social determinant of health

Our mission, vision, and model are driven by the understanding that education is an entry point to both improve health and elevate livelihoods. Education is one of the most influential social determinants of health— the social, economic and environmental factors that impact well-being— and it sets the foundation for a healthy life.

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Making access to education feasible for farmers

Limited financial resources pose a real threat to access to education for cocoa farming families both because of the high cost of education and the added benefit of another pair of hands on the family farm. When farmers do not have to worry about covering tuition fees or the hidden cost barriers to education, like uniforms costs, textbook fees, and transportation fees, the decision to keep children in school is much more feasible.

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Addressing underlying causes of Poor health

We prioritize education because education fundamentally shapes a child’s ability to make important decisions about their lifelong health. With quality education, students become health champions of their communities, raising the quality of life and improving livelihoods.

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Ensuring a sustainable source of revenue

While the maintenance and pruning of cocoa trees is a labor intensive task, mature cocoa trees produce cocoa pods year after year. By investing community-owned cocoa revenue into education, communities are able to transform cocoa into a resource to improve education, harvest after harvest.