Our Mission

Putting the community back into community development

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Cocoa360 is a nonprofit organization whose mission is to facilitate access to education and improve health care through cocoa farming revenue.

Cocoa farmers sit atop one of the world’s most valuable resources, yet they have been traditionally left out of the development conversation. We are putting farmers and their families in the driver’s seat of development to improve their communities from within, harvest after harvest.

Our "Farm-for-Impact" model is simple, yet impactful. We work alongside local residents to invest revenue generated from cocoa farming back into the community to address one of the biggest social determinants of health: access to quality education.

According to the World Health Organization, entrenched health inequities originate more-so from a failure to address social determinants of health such as education and less from the lack of a hospital.*

At Cocoa360, we understand that education is far more than school. Education leads to more informed decisions about health and is a key tool that empowers individuals and communities to better their livelihoods.

By utilizing community-owned cocoa resources to raise funds that go directly into educational improvements, our “Farm-for-Impact” model will transform rural education outcomes for cocoa farming communities across Ghana and beyond. Not only will this reduce health and education disparities for community members, this model will play a key role in transforming cocoa into a resource that builds futures for farmers and their families.

*Commission on the Social Determinants of Health Final Report. 2008.

Whenever we come together to work on our cocoa farm, I am always happy. I work hard and with joy, because I know my daughter can enjoy quality education.
— Gladys Asomani – Proud Parent of TBGS Student