At Cocoa360, we are pioneering a new model of development that leverages existing community resources to improve access to education and healthcare for Ghana’s 1.6 million cocoa farmers, without a long-term reliance on foreign aid. Cocoa is a key driver of Ghana’s growing economy, with cocoa revenues totaling nearly $2 billion annually, yet the vast majority of cocoa farmers remain trapped in a cycle of generational poverty.

Our “Farm-for-Impact” model is breaking that cycle by putting Ghana’s cocoa farmers in the driver’s seat of development. Our model is simple, yet impactful; we partner with rural communities to invest community-generated revenue in key educational and healthcare improvements.

“Whenever we come together to work on our cocoa farm, I am always happy. I work hard and with joy, because I know my daughter can enjoy quality education.”


– Gladys Asomani – Proud Parent of TBGS Student