Agro-Campus Model

Cocoa360 directly connects the cocoa farmer’s sweat to impact which they can decide on, and ultimately see, feel and access. We have pioneered the “agro-campus” model; a tuition-free girls’ school and hospital situated amid a cocoa plantation. In exchange of subsidized fees, beneficiaries dedicate a minimum of 3-hours weekly, to work on the non-profit’s 40-acre plantation. The profits from cocoa sales are then used to self-sustain the operations of the school and the hospital.

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Provide farm labor

It starts with Cocoa. Farmers dedicate a minimum of 3 hours every week to work on Cocoa360’s cocoa plantations.

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Get tuition-free education for daughters

Cocoa360 established the Tarkwa Breman Girls School, a tuition-free school for daughters of farmers who provide labor on the farm. The school also has an annual co-ed summer program as well as a community library, which reaches out further to boys in the community.

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Access subsidized healthcare

Tarkwa Breman Community Hospital, established by Cocoa360, provides infant and maternal care, treats farm injuries and provides overall, affordable primary care. This way, farmers are able to stay healthy, improving farm productivity and yields, in the long run.