Meet Grace “Adom” and Shadrack “Shad”; cousins and elementary school classmates. Even though Adom always placed first in class exams, her parents didn’t support her to further her education.

Mr. Arthur is Adom’s dad and a cocoa farmer. As a poor farmer and father to 3 sons and 2 daughters, he didn’t have enough money to see all of them through school. So he was left with the typical rural choice – invest in the boys. He furthered his boys to high school while his daughters stopped after elementary school.

Adom didn’t have a fighting chance at education but today, two of her daughters (and Mr. Arthur’s granddaughters) are enrolled in Tarkwa Breman Girls School. Just like many other farmers, Adom and her family work on Cocoa360’s cocoa farm so that their daughters can enjoy tuition-free education. The subsidized quality healthcare provided at the community hospital helps them stay healthy and productive.

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