Welcome to Tarkwa Breman Girls School

Tarkwa Breman Girls’ School (TBGS) was established in 2016 and provides tuition-free education for girls from crèche to high school. The 2016/17 school year saw 90 students with a student to teacher ratio of 15 to 1. The school also has an annual co-ed summer program as well as a community library, which reaches out further to all children in the community.

Tarkwa Breman Girls School

Our Values


We aim at quality education. A team of professional and passionate teachers; a curriculum designed to inspire curiosity and critical thinking; activities arousing cultural awareness and care for environment, together, support each girl to explore and develop her interests.


We expect our students to be ethical global citizens. Different subjects in our school cover morality learning and values exploration, as we believe education should be the means to make the world peaceful and harmonic.


We envision each scholar as a future leader. To this end, we offer different extra-curricular activities developing her confidence, resilience and independence. Every girl in our school is empowered to lead and help shape the changing word.